Carrot Stix light rods

fb1371-1037521616294897.jpgBy Luciano Sirianni1 comments
Just a short video to let people know about my new Carrot Stix trout rods. 6 foot rods 1 piece 6-12 pound fish. These rods are sick I did not miss a sinlge fish with these bad boys. Ultra - Lite  Ultra - Sensative don't ever miss another trout (Fish) go check the out WWW.CARROTSTIX.COM THE ...

best fishing rod

fb465-10153835978497146.jpgBy Meister1 comments
Hi Carrot Stix - I have been an avid amateur fisherman since I was a kid but now I am getting into the sport a bit more seriously by enetering local tournaments with my kids. I am looking to get some better gear and I keep hearing that your Carrot Stix rods are the best rods on the ...