Carrot Stix Rod Tip Replacement

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I called up Carrot Stix at 888-234-7421 for a Tip Replacement and they sent me one in the mail at No Charge !  I cant believe the high level of customer service where most most rod companies dont even support tips Carrot Stix Pulled Through!     

Carrot Stix Carbon nano fiber rods

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Did you know that the name Carrot Stix came from the Word NANO CELLULOSE BIO FIBERS? Well its True, because these Bio Fibres (that are used to make the Fishing Rod Tighter and more Responsive) actually come from real Carrots ! Thus the Name Carrot Stix! You see these Fibers add ...
Monster bass with Carrot Stix rods Simply the best fishing rod period.
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Monster bass with Carrot Stix rods! Simply the best fishing rod, period.

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Made an unplanned stop while travelling down the highway. This is why I always carry a rod and some gear everywhere I go. The sensitivity, and strength of my Carrot Stix rod, put a hurting on some beautiful largemouth bass! What an amazing quick trip, 3 trophies in 45 minutes of fishing. ...

Carrot Stix lightest Fresh water fishing rod

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Hi there, recently got back into fishing and its time to update my equipment. I really like the feel of a light yet strong rod. What is the lightest rod you have and is it strong enough for catching some decent sized fresh water fish?   Thanks, 
Carrot Stix on Lake Michigan Salmon and Trout On Light Spinning Tackle
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Carrot Stix on Lake Michigan Salmon & Trout On Light Spinning Tackle

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When people think of Lake Michigan Salmon and Trout fishing, they invariably think of dypsy divers, downriggers, planer boards, spoons and flies.  However, in the Spring and Fall you can ambush these notorious fighters with light spinning gear in harbors and river mouths all ...