Monster bass with Carrot Stix rods Simply the best fishing rod period.
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Monster bass with Carrot Stix rods! Simply the best fishing rod, period.

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Made an unplanned stop while travelling down the highway. This is why I always carry a rod and some gear everywhere I go. The sensitivity, and strength of my Carrot Stix rod, put a hurting on some beautiful largemouth bass! What an amazing quick trip, 3 trophies in 45 minutes of fishing. ...

My Carrot Stix 2 piece Fishing Rod

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Recently went on a fly-in fishing trip and took along my 2 piece 7' wild black Carrot Stix. This rod is light weight and extremely sensitive  For travel to smaller lakes or fly in destinations I would highly recommend the 2 piece wild wild black series. Just an FYI about Carrot ...

Catching Monster Bass! Using Carrot Stix and Google Earth

On my way to an appointment that got canceled at the last minute. This is why I always have a rod  and some gear with me no matter what. I pull off the highway, open google earth and find what looks like a nice little pond. You never know what these random out of the way stops ...

Wild Wild Black Review (Best fishing rods on the planet)

A quick review of the Wild Wild Black series. The wild orange may have started it all, but Carrot stix raised the bar with the Wild Black series of rods. Continuing on with the great performance of the Wild Orange, with some fantastic upgrades. The most sensitive, lightest and strongest ...

Wild Wild PRO Review (Tournament grade quality rods)

Carrot Stix has done it again!! Just when you thought you couldn't find a better rod, Carrot Stix introduces the Wild Wild PRO series of rods. Raising the bar yet again and leaving the competition in the dust! The Wild PRO has been re-engineered to be 40% lighter, stronger and even ...