Carrot stix rods

By Eric
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Hello all,
First off, let me say how fortunate I am to be a part of team Orange.  After being selected to join the team I  selected 3 rods to be delivered. All I can say is wow. The rods are far more superior to any rod I've used before, first off the comfort in my hands was great. Then it came time to set the hook for the first time, wow again. These rods have superior backbone to them. That first hookset felt great and very solid on the 7' heavy action  rod I was using.all I can say is I'll  never use another brand of rods as long as there's carrot stix available.  I'm  looking forward to many more fish to come on the greatest rods I've ever used. 
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7 years ago
Hi Eric! Thank you for sharing! Go Team Orange!