Wild Green is a Jigging Man's Dream (Best Freshwater Rod)

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We made it! Another successful Manitoba fishing trip in the books.  Although a cold and rainy trip it was filled with hundreds of Walleyes, many chunky Lake Trout and my personal best Pike. The success to our trip this year was largely due to having good equipment.  We were challenged with strong blustery winds, rain and cold temperatures for nearly five days.  Like a lot of Walleye fisherman experience our days came down to having unmatched boat control and slow meticulous presentations teamed up with great rods and gear.  The utilization of our electronics and undertanding how the fish were holding to certain pieces of structue allowed us the opportunities we needed to put our baits in front of the fish.  One key piece of equipment that can unlock success in any given situation is the rod.  This is why there are so many rods for so many different situations.  The conversation over what seperates and decent jigging rod from an absolute awesome jigging rod has taken place in the Walleye world for years and is the reasoning behind so many technology advancements over the years.  A great Walleye jigging rod needs to be durable, powerful, balanced, lightweight and, most importantly sensitive.  These rods need to be strong enough to set the hook and handle big fish yet light and sensitive enough to detect the smallest of bites.   Most of these rods tend to range from 6' to 7' in a medium-medium/light action with a medium-fast to fast action tip.  I prefer a 7' medium-light rod with a fast action tip and the Carrot Stix Wild Wild Green series rod gets high praise from me.  In the conditions we were faced with this rod allowed me to fish as subtle as I wanter and allowed me to feel every little tick of the jig.  Even in 20+ mph winds I found myself utilizing a smaller jig than I normally do with other rods and had no issues with feeling its movements or detecting bottom, it is that sensitive.  These rods are so lightweight that I have no wrist soreness from 12 hours of jigging or arm soreness from pitching or casting.  Trust me when I say they are strong.  I landed close to twenty 25+ inch Walleyes a day on the Wild Green and had zero troubles landing these fish.  I have had the priveledge to use many different rods from many different companies over the years an can say without a doubt the Carrot Stix line is top notch and the Wild Wild Green is a dream come true.
Kelly Maser