Winter Time Fishing

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Winter Time Fishing
Hey all,
  Thank you for checking this post out. With Winter officially started I would like too share a couple of tips and i suppose tricks that I do over the winter too keep what I call the "itch" from getting Cabin Fever.
  As most of us in Canada are well aware we are now in winter as of today. I am not one too avidly ice fish, and usually I get out too Texas in March, which marks when I start fishing again as the weather gets more suitable and the lakes aren't covered with ice and or ice huts! Now over the winter is the period of time in which I tend too do most of my research and planning. I plan usually for 3 big trips a year usually in different places, one in southeastern Ontario, one in South western Ontario, and usually one more too just get out and away. 
  For the big trips and usually the rest of my fishing season, is planned out over these winter months, now not everyone can afford or have the time too do this, but it can be applied too weekend or day outings as well. I usually start by looking at the maps and fish species I want too target and read over reviews of the places and lakes I would potentially like too fish and figure out what people are using in these places. I will spend usually a weekend also too drive out their I usually like too take the ATV or Sled and make a trip of it on its own.
 The advantages of winter especially in the ice hut season you're able too see the water levels fairly low, and where the ice huts are as well. If you have a GPS keep these spots in mind for when the spring time comes. If you're able too catch the lakes in the thaw and or late fall or early winter, this gives you a time too view structures, I highly advise too be extremely careful while scoping in the thaw as water level does rise and near rivers flow rapidly if you're not sure about getting close DON'T. But being outside with all the leafs on the trees gone, you're able too get a good look at the lakes, and where potential spots may be. most weedy areas are gone and you can sometimes even spot schools of Bass swimming up and down near the shore. Thats all I have for now for you guys please have a great holidays and enjoy the winter months! 
Feel free too leave a comment, and or ask questions! 
-Justin Clarke! 
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5 years ago
Hi Justin!

Sorry for the late publication. Solid post so thank you very much for sharing it with us. Please continue to share your stories, experiences and of course pictures of your latest catch with us! We love to see them.

Thanks again for this awesome post.