Wild Wild Good Rods

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After my first real trip with Wild Wild Orange and Wild Wild Black rods, I must say that I'm totally impressed with what Carrot Stix has to offer. Spending most of the day with casting gear in hand, my C2WZ701XH-F-C quickly became my new favorite rod. It was great thowing tubes for Smallies, with tons of backbone for times when you hook into something bigger(like the monster muskie that cut me off). Sensitivity was second to none. I've used numerous Shimano, St Croix, Dobyns & Kistler rods, just to name a few, and the Carrot Stix Wild Wild Orange and Black rods exceeded all my expectations in comparison to other brands. 
IIt's absolutely amazing just how light, balanced and strong these Carrot Stix Rods are. A tip of the hat to Carrot Stix. You knocked it out of the park with all of these rods, both the one and two piece models. For smallmouth bass fishing in eastern Canada, I can't see me wanting to ever pick up any other rods.