Wild Wild Black Is Smooth As Silk

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Wild Wild Black Is Smooth As Silk
Lately I've been heavily into finesse fishing.  Finesse to me means a light weight medium action rod and a 2500-3000 series reel.  I want sensitivity so I can feel the fish.  There are lots of things that come together to make a rig so sensitive.  One of the most important is the rod and Carrot Stix has done it again with their Wild Wild Black MWG fresh water fishing rods.
Like all Carrot Stix rods it has a beautiful metallic logo that shines beautifully on the jet black finish of the rod.  In bet butt of the handle is a bright green color that adds contrast and a definitive look to the rod.  It's simply beautiful and sleek.
The rod handles well.  I used at Shimano 2500 FX reel to test it out.  Not the ideal reel I planned on using with this rig, but for testing it was great.  I'll ultimately be loading this up with another Pflueger President LE.  The rig was light.  So light in fact that I had to get used to it.  It was at least 3 ounces lighter than my heavier rigs and about 1/2 ounces lighter than my lightest finesse rig.  I was able to cast effortlessly far due to the MWG (MicroWave Guide) technology.  Microwave Guides reduce friction on your line.  Friction slows your line coming of the reel and in turn shortens your cast.  The MWG shrinks the action of the line spinning through the guides.  
Carrot Stix keeps bringing the heat with their lightweight freshwater rods.  The Wild Wild Black may not have the flashy colors of the Orange and Green, but it is one beast of a rod.