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Wild Green Carrot Stix Rods 
"My Day on the water Michigan!!! Jordan Lake!!!!!!"

I expected the water to in the upper 60's but when I got to my first spot it 74.  I started out by throwing a jerk bait and 4 fish in my first 6 casts.  What a start but they were all 13 inches long.  On my 7th cast pop lol there goes my jerk bait.  When I idled down to get it my golden rule feel out of the boat lol.  I thought to myself "it's going to be one of those days lol".  I threw a jerk bait, chatter bait, drop shot, and top water and still was plagued with small fish.  It was time to bring out some old KY lake swim baits lol.  I found a high spot in 18 ft of water that came up to 5 ft and they were piled in there.  On my first cast with the swim bait I caught one over 2 lbs, and on this lake that is a good fish.  I caught 2 more keepers in about 5 casts.  The bad thing I had nothing to measure them lol.. I was throwing a 6 inch swim bait blue and chartreuse slow rolling it across the high spot.  
With the wind blowing at 25 plus it made landing fish very difficult..  I lost a fish that was every bit of 4 lbs plus and that's a game changer but I could execute..  when your tournament fishing that is the difference between winning and losing.. I ended up losing 8 keepers and without a golden rule I probably turned loss more than that... not good....  I caught almost 100 fish in one 75 yard stretch..  now I need more swim baits lol. I was on the right size fish but couldn't keep them buttoned up. I was able to try out my new Wild Greed carrot stix rods and I'm impressed.. Not only are they light but supper sensitive and lots of backbone...  I was definitely impressed!!!I can't wait until my next tournament!!!!!
wild green carrotstix rods
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Awesome story and great catch! We're so glad you had a good time and an awesome experience with our fishing rods. Thank you for sharing this with us!