Up North test with Carrot Stix, The Greatest Fishing Rod

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A month ago I decided to take my Wild Wild Black rods with me on a trip to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota to hopefully get them hooked up with some quality bass and see how they handle. Was I in for a surprise! Wasn't two days into the trip and had the bass figured out landing multiple four and five pound bass! A totally different world than the Mississippi River I'm used to fishing where you might get a 3.5 on a good day! With the big bass biting the Carrot Stix rods got a workout and boy did they prove them self! Even the big smallmouth weren't even a match for these rods. Sensitive beyond any rod I've ever fished and with their lightweighst design after a full day of fishing wasn't even slightly fatigued! Do yourself a favor and get you one of these Wild Wild Black rods from Carrot Stix YOU WONT REGRET IT!!