Two incredible Carrot Stix Fishing rods, Orange & Black!!

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All I can say is the wait was well worth it!! I received my Carrot Stix Wild Wild Orange (C2WX691MH-F-C-6'9")
and Wild Wild Black (C2WZ691MH-F-C-6'9") and was able to hit the water. I personally am a huge senko, spinner, crankbait and Texas rig guy so I was really excited to test both of these rods out. I quickly put the Wild Wild Orange to work using my wacky senko setup and I was so impressed with the light weight, sensitivity and the back bone for the hook set. I had to stop and think, many hits have I missed in the past!! I had a great few hours landing many 2 - 4 pound largemouth bass. After using the Wild Wild Orange I moved over and gave the Wild Wild Black a try with a crank bait and once again I was amazed by the feel, weight and the ability to feel the hit and give a strong hook set with confidence. 
I can highly recommend these rods and promise you that you'll be happy and most likely catch more fish because you'll feel more fish hitting your lure. I have one more Wild Wild Orange to test out and will do so soon as I get on the river and put some swimbait and swim jigs to action!!!