Toughest Fishing Rods

Toughest Fishing Rods
Lake Erie Largies 
Hey guys!

This post is from a while back, I am just finding out about this forum now, before I was just posting on national pro staff!
But anyways it was the middle of summer, I got out in the boat and tried out my new GoPro! The fishing was tough with the temperatures being well into the high 30's. I still managed to get a few though. I was fishing the inner bay for Largemouth, and Smallmouth. I put the boat in at Turkey Point and made a run over to a spot that I know has a lot of hard bottom structure.
I had a trickworm dropshot tied onto my 7'0 Medium Lite Wild Wild Black Carrot Stix rod. I caught a couple LMB's at this spot. Then I made another run and started to fish a "sea wall" Caught some Rock bass (dropshot) and a few tiny Largemouths (Chatterbait) off of that spot.
Later on once the temperature cooled down a bit I found some submergent grass, and lily pads and decided to throw a frog, picked up a couple LMB's on that! Nothing like a frog fish! So the bite was tough but it is always good getting out on the water! I made a video and would love for you guys to take a look!
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7 years ago
Nice catch, awesome footage and thanks for sharing this with us!