Top Water Fun w/ Carrot Stix

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As the summer comes to an end, the nights are starting to be longer and the morning will start becoming cooler. But it's not quite fall yet. The summer bite is still TOUGH.  If you can find a good morning w/ cooler temps and a pond with specific contours, you'll notice many bass (especially smaller ones) will start roaming the shallows.
Things to look for are shallow flats, weed beds and where shallows meets drop off. I love these key areas during this time as you can catch bass in numbers. Although small, it'll still be fun, especially on top water fishing.
I paired myself up w/ a 7'3" Wild Wild Black Carrot Stix rod, Medium heavy start throwing hard topwater baits like Zara spook or the current fad, the Whopper Plopper from River2Sea.  Amazing little lure that is like a stick bait & Buzzbait hybrid, that acts like a buzzbait and popper making all sort of noises and commotion depending on speed and jerks.  Caught many fish within 30 minutes during the break of dawn.  
When the bite slowed down, I have opted for a small swim jig and continued to catch fish nonstop.  It almost feels like fall already but not quite yet, the big fish are yet to come in shallow. The tactic will not change for me for quite some time until the water cools down too much in late fall.
Check out and enjoy video.
Tight lines.
raWr fishing