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As a guy who's fished all his life and have used many different brands and types of rods these Carrot Stix rods are by far the best ones I've ever owned. My choice of becoming a member of this awesome team a few months ago was a huge win in my books. I have the WILD WILD BLACK 7'6 HEAVY CASTING ROD, WILD WILD ORANGE 7' HEAVY CASTING ROD and the WILD WILD ORANGE 6'7 MEDIUM HEAVY SPINNING ROD. They are all super light, with a super strong backbone, and the sensitivity with these rods... OUT OF THIS WORLD! These rods without a doubt helped me make 9th place of 155 Anglers last month at the BASS ATTACK Tournament and landed me 1st place for biggest largemouth bass category. It's raised my Hookset percentage greatly as just last week fishing in went 28/30 bass just on a casual outing on a back lake. Normally I do well but not that well! My spinning rod I'll dropshot or I'll even get bold and toss a small tube on and rock that for the day hardly switching up baits because you feel absolutely every little bump and chomp! This spinning rod was put tonthe test with a good sized Northern Pike that hammered my bait in search of bass. Still able to winch a good size gator plus all the slop it wrapped itself in and had no worries. My 7ft WWO I will use for cranking, spinners, or the odd time senko tossing. Matched up with my reels I use again you feel absolutely everything that's going at the business end of that line. Fish hammer the bait and you know it! As for the 7'6 WWB holy moly talk about a work horse! That bad boy will throw a any top water bait a football field and then some. Just as sensitive as the rest this rod is an absolute best and one of my favourite rods to use. Phenomenal for winching out bass from heavy sloppy cover and brush. 
If I didn't have these rods in my arsenal during my tournament I can guarantee I'd of never felt most the bites I had during that time. Def a key factor in a solid top 10 finish! Thanks for building THE PERFECT ROD.
These rods you can totally rely on getting you that fishin the boat without damage to your gear! Hands down the best rods going and I totally recommend them for anyone in the market for putting money down on a quality rod!