Saltwater Fishing Rods

By Mark
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Saltwater Fishing Rods 


I am going to go to BC for vacation soon and I wanted to fish there.


I hear that saltwater fishing in BC is lots of fun and wanted to experience it for myself. But, I do not have a rod equipped for that. So, which Carrot Stix rod is best for saltwater fishing?


By Carrot Stix
Hi Mark,
Great question, Carrot Stix has just the right fishing rod for saltwater fishing!
The Carrot Stix Wild Wild Green series was specifically designed for inshore saltwater fishing as it offers a lightweight performance while having the power necessary to take on big inshore species.
It is super sensitive as well thanks to our premium Graphite and Nano Cellulose Bio Fiber blanks, the series also comes equipped with premium guides that provide the durability to stand up to braided lines and big fish.
Saltwater Fishing Rods
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great question