Orange Lite Smashing Crappie!

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 Great weekend for crappie fishing. This weekend we found the crappie in small inlets. The fish seemed to be sitting in 1-3 fleet of water. There was two different types of bites. The slow bite was in inlets that had mud bottom with very little new growth. With the temperature between 57-59 degrees, you literally had to put the bait in front of their nose. Our success came when we found an inlet with wood and current. The water temperature range between 59-61 degrees and the fish were very aggressive. 

This was the first time I got to use the Carrot Stix Orange Lite rod. This rod is very light, very sensitive and with just enough power to pull the fish out of troublesome structure. I tipped it with a slip bobber, 3/16 jig and various crappie baits. All and all it was a great weekend for me and the kids.

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9 months ago
Awesome pictures! We're so glad to hear that you've enjoyed a fun weekend of fishing with the family. Thank you for sharing!