Ontario Trout and Steelhead Fishing

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Ontario Trout and Steelhead Fishing
Ontario Trout and Steelhead Fishing 
Spring Ready!
April 22, 2017 Marks the opening of the fishing [steelhead/trout] season in various parts of Ontario, Canada for those who do not brave the winter months and begin their season in the rivers, streams and tributaries . But with every year I find I run into the same thought.... How am I going too catch more fish this year. Yes reading and researching tend too be everybody's go too with the start of every new season. But also I find experimenting or altering techniques, rigs, jigs, and lures that I used the year before usually helps as a starting point. Another good starting point is starting off with the very basic of techniques a simple hook and worm, which can sometimes be enough too even help you find them! But here are a couple solutions to help you on where too start on your opening weekend which may help.

  The first tip or trick is a simple one, if possible try too avoid opening day on the river banks for the spring open for steelhead, and trout. I find the rivers fill up with many anxious anglers who are ready too get out on the water, but when you're in the same spot as a large number of people it may be best too move away from the crowd and move away from places where it may be pressured by other anglers, bushwhacking may be involved but may pay off. Or heading out sometime during the week, and avoiding the weekend

  Go through your tackle before you go out! See what you already have rigged up and ready too go and plan ahead bring a good mix of tackle you know you've been successful with in the past as well as a few new items which may help you produce more than the year before. I like too shop for new tackle after I have been out a few times, too see what is actually working and what I have turned too see what I'm missing.

  My last tip too get you started is why not take pre-hike up and down the rivers and streams and see what you're dealing with Spring can be a dangerous time around waters, and proceed with caution and with your favourite fishing buddy! But going too check out the areas prior too fishing them may lead too some clues of some good spots too try and give you a great advantage too see the river and what you may be trekking through before you pack your bag and your rod and try and get through the thicket of leaves and over growth of the blooming trees.

  There are a few of my hopefully helpful tips on how too start your year off on a good fin, and hopefully a successful for all anglers!

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