New rods and tournament day. Best Fishing Rod on the Market

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New rods and tournament day. Best Fishing Rod on the Market


I had waited until tournament day to use the three new Carrot Stix's I had received, I had handled them numerous times during the two weeks prior to our last tournament in our series.  Marveling at the design details, the light weight, inspecting each micro guide imagining the new 8 lb Suffix Proline sliding smoothly through them, the splash of the 3XD as it hit the water for the first time.  Then it was all a reality my first cast was right on target perfect placement, as I cranked the rod even made the reel feel smoother more intact.  I could feel every turn, every bump the crankbait made, then I felt nothing, it was time, time to set the hook.  Sweeping the rod sideways I felt the pull of a good fish the hook up was solid and stayed that way all the way to the boat.  Twenty fish later I hadn't lost a single one the rod handle them all from the six inches to the 18 inches, it didn't seem to matter the size of the fish you knew when you got a bite.
In the last 20 plus years I have owned numerous rods from various companies and none of them has matched the performance of the Carrot Stix.