New Hampshire Bass Fishing

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New Hampshire Bass Fishing
New Hampshire Bass Fishing 
"Open Water Fishing in New Hampshire For Bass"
January 3rd, 2016
It's January and I'm fortunate enough to still be open water fishing in New Hampshire.  It's was an unseasonably warm December and our lakes haven't iced in yet.  Winter bass fishing can be very slow so a finesse application can be a necessity.  I took advantage of a recent sale and picked up a couple Pro Tournament Spinning Rods.  I plan to use them for light line finesse techniques like drop shot and spybaiting.  I chose the CTI691-ML-F-S.  The power and taper are a perfect combination for the small hooks of finesse fishing. The medium light power backbone is strong but won't overpower and straighten your hooks and the fast taper is incredibly sensitive to help you feel the softest bites.  Needless to say I'm extremely impressed thus far.
new Hampshire bass fishing
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awesome catch!
Level 3 (XP: 950)
last year
I love that rod. it really is a great with an easy function. Can't wait for fishing season.
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Yes the med/light is a great finesse rod!
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last year
you brave soul, fishing in the winter still. Good on ya. I could never bring myself to go fishing in the winter and I live in Canada! I much prefer going when it isnt so cold and my face doesnt hurt. September is my favourite