Lures and Jigs for CarrotStix!

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Lures and Jigs for CarrotStix! 
Though these aren't made by Carrot Stix, they were made for Carrot Stix.  
I am Jason Saunders, Owner of Nautical Creations in Reedsport, Oregon.  
I made custom Lures and Jigs. I've been a fan of Carrot Stix for some time. I wanted to make something cool that I hope the company will like as they will be receiving them in the near future.  
Hopefully, some of them will get used in the field and produce some great catches.  
I hope you like what you see.  
(Side note: The paint is actually bright orange but my phone's camera makes it look red.)
Thank you,
Jason Saunders
Nautical Creations\nauticalcreationsllc
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This is awesome! Thank you for the post!
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5 years ago
Thanks for sharing!