Loving My CarrotStix! ! The Best Freshwater Rods

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From the start of this season I have been so excited to hit the water every time out! This year it isn't for the usual reasons. This year it's because I am on the CarrotStix team and I'm hitting the water with new various models of CarrotStix.  
So far I have fished 3 tournaments with my CarrotStix and I have finished in the Top 10 for all 3 (2nd,6th & 7th).  To say these rods have been a game changer for me is an understatement.  The sheer build and quality to the amazing sensitivity and durability are outstanding. I believe the secret or maybe not so secret is in the blank technology. The Carrot Cellulose Nano Fibre used to make the blanks has been an industry innovation that no other company can match. That's right, CarrotStix is not just a catchy name.....these rods are really made from Carrots!! Another great feature is the micro guides.  These guides make casting complications a thing of the past. Accuracy and distance are too major increases I've noticed since using them.  
I remember one time when I was younger and I saved up my allowance all summer so that I could buy myself a new rod.  I was so excited to use my new rod and couldn't wait to hit the water to try it out.  On that very first trip my new rod fell overboard and before I could yell or lean over the side to grab it....it was gone.  It sunk like a rock and I was devastated.  You wonder why I'm telling you this story? This story would have had a much happier ending had my new rod had been a CarrotStix rod.  On the butt end of Carrot Stix rods is an EVA end piece that not only helps distribute weight evenly....but it Floats!! No devastating story endings for rods falling into the drink when using CarrotStix!! 
If you have the privilege of getting your hands on a CarrotStix rod to use, Im sure you'll love it.  What's not to love??  I sure do love my CarrotStix.