Light Fishing Rods

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Light Fishing Rods
Light Fishing Rods
"Wild Wild Black put a limit in my boat"
Carrot Stix helped me put another limit of basin bass in the boat. I was having to make really long cast to make these fish bite which my XXH 7ft 6in Wild Wild Black made easy.  I was throwing a 3/8oz weight with a 10in worm.  The fish were on a flat and would not hit if you got up on the flat so making a long cast was necessary and having the stiffness of this rod made it easy to get a good hook up with them on the long cast. I fished for a long time combing this flat and this rod is so light that that it did not bother me to fish with at all for the entire time I was fishing these flats. 
Level 7 (XP: 2900)
Level 2 (XP: 300)
2 years ago
Amazing job! Carrot Stix rods definitely are some of the lightest I have come across in my time fishing!