Late Winter Trout Fishing

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Late Winter Trout Fishing
Hey folks!
So lately I've been having quite a few people ask me, "where can I catch winter trout this late into the season?".
Well, for those of you who are North (I'm just outside of Toronto, ON Canada), it's actually quite easy this time of year!
When it's this late in the winter season, generally trout will be in: deep holding water or 'pools' in rivers/streams, harbors/harbor mouths, shorelines with gravel bottom.
My personal favorite place to fish this time of year would have to be harbors or harbor mouths. I enjoy this style of fishing because it's easy and there's a wide variety of ways that you can fish for trout.
I often like to float fish with my newest addition to my Carrot Stix gear - my 13ft centerpin rod that is from the new line of Carrot Stix Steelhead series. I like to float fish the channels or 'frog water' of harbor mouths or harbor marinas - you can float roe/skein, beads - but my favorite presentation this time of year is a live shiner. I also have great success casting spoons/spinners this time of year into harbor mouths - I like to use a Medium action 7ft rod from the Carrot Stix Wild Wild Orange spinning series. I prefer using a silver/green spoon in a 2/5oz size.. Let your spoon sink close to bottom before you retrieve it; and be sure to use a slow and steady retrieve!
I hope this helped answer the questions that people have been asking me lately on where to find winter trout!
Good luck and Happy Fishing folks!
~Jordan McKibbon 
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11 months ago
Gorgeous catch!
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12 months ago
Thank you for sharing! Definitely will be very helpful to everyone in Ontario who are interested in trout fishing.