Largemouth Bass Night Fishing

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Largemouth Bass Night Fishing
Largemouth Bass Night Fishing
If you have ever gone out and did some night time cat fishing, you'll will understand this story a little well. A group of friends and I decided to go out and try some night time bass fishing, and let me tell you, this wasnt easy. Fishing off the bank and all you have is a flash light head piece and you can only see about ten feet in front of you, makes for a difficult time. We spent about five hours after sunset fishing for some Largemouth Bass, and if your not that experienced casting you will have a more difficult time. Most of the night fishing was done off of feel of the rod and knowing how far to cast.
We were able to pin point in on some large and a few small mouths but weren't able to get them to bite. We ended up changing around to different lures and jigs, to figure what they were after. Tried various top water, swimbait and a few jigs. I ended up catching few decent size bass in the 5 hours off of various lures and setups, and it all came with something producing noise. I recommend if you have never gone out and night dished bass I recommend you do so.
Awesome new experience that I will be doing again.
Largemouth bass night fishing
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great picture
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wow nice catch!
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awesome post Andrew! Thanks for sharing your largemouth bass night fishing experience with us!
We agree, night fishing isn't so easy but it's very rewarding when you mange to get it right.

Nice Catch!