Lake Simcoe Fishing

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Lake Simcoe Fishing


Lake Simcoe Fishing


Hi Carrot Stix,


I was looking on your website to purchase a fishing rod for my fishing trip to Lake Simcoe and I was wondering:

What are the differences between the Wild Wild Orange and Wild Wild Black series of Carrot Stix rods?

Lake Simcoe Fishing


By Carrot Stix
Hi MsManek,
Thanks for reaching out to us about our Wild Wild Black and Wild Wild Orange series fishing rods.
Both the Wild Wild Black and Orange series come in Casting and Spinning rods, and you can choose each one based on the type of fishing you plan to be doing on your trip to Lake SImcoe. 
Here is some of the information that can be found on the Carrot Stix Website regarding the Wild Wild Black Series Fishing Rods:
lake simcoe fishing rods
Here is also some more information about the Carrot Stix Wild Wild Orange Series Fishing Rods:
lake simcoe fishing rod
As fishing rods are very specific to the type of fishing being done and can be based on personal preference, we advise that you check out all the different types of rods available (casting and spinning) to decide which style and model would be better suited to your fishing needs.
When you do decide to go on your fishing trip to Lake Simcoe, remember to take pictures of your catch and share it with us here at Carrot Stix!
We would love to see them. 
Happy fishing! 
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good to know
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thanks for sharing this info on lake simcoe fishing, i hope to check out the area some time soon!