Heavy Flipping Rod

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Heavy Flipping Rod 

Carrot Stix 

The Backcountry Backbone


It's a September high tide, you hear the sound of redfish tails splashing as they are crashing on finger mullet way up in the lush green marsh. Your partner grabs the push pole and gives you that look, you are thinking the same thing. 


"Let's go get them!"

One dilemma, which rod will I grab for this unique fishing opportunity?


I grew up watching Roland Martin on the television flipping heavy vegetation for lunker largemouth in Florida. I never thought I would be grabbing an Xtra Xtra heavy Carrot Stix Wild Wild Black rod to catch a saltwater fish! Catching redfish in heavy grass is an art form. In addition to a strong rod you need strong forearms! 

The brute power and strength a redfish has is unmatched. In these situations I pick up my 8'0" Carrot Stix Xtra Xtra heavy flipping rod and put it to the test. First I flip approximately 2 feet in front of the spotted tail fanning in the grass, so I wiggle the lure, he slurps, I load up my rod, and set the hook.  The rod is strong my forearms are throbbing.  He knows and I know the fight is on! There is no better sound than  locked down drag and 65lb braid screaming through the microwave guides of my black series.

Fortunately  I brought the right weapon to the battle and the fish who put up a great fight lost.  For Mr. Red the loss is minimal, He's earned a short stay, that includes a rejuvenating bath.   Just for a few minutes Mr. Red will get to see the outside world as he and I pose for a photo and if he's a heavy upper-end-slot-size-fish and I happened to catch one of his classmates chances are we will be stars.  After a short little eco-tour through the backcountry Mr. Red and his school mate will be released to swim again. 

Battle wounds and victory, bruises from the rod butt on your waist line, sweat dripping from your forehead, and a big smile on your face with a heavy bag on tournament day!


Carrot Stix rods an experience like no other!

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