For Carrot Stix fishing rods, how do I file a warranty claim?

By Carrot Stix
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How do I file for a ​warranty ​claim on my Carrot Stix fishing rod and what is the process of doing so?


By Carrot Stix
To file for a warranty claim on your Carrot Stix fishing rod with a lifetime-limited warranty, please click here.
On the website, hover the cursor over the "Service and Support" tab and a drop-down menu will show, click on "Warranty Claim Form".
Before filling in the warranty claim form you will need to register for an account with Carrot Stix. Once an account is made, login with your account and proceed to filling in the warranty claim form.
Please note that there is a $44.95 fee per rod for shipping & handling ($39.95 S&H + $5.00 Insurance), this fee is non-negotiable. Carrot Stix customers who file for a warranty claim are given the option of purchasing additional rods at a discount of up to 60%.
Please note that it will take 1-3 business days to process your warranty claim. Once a specialist reviews the claim they will notify you back via email. To confirm that the warranty claim has been initially sent in, an automatic email will be sent to your email address notifying that the claim has been submitted, if you do not receive this email, check your junk mailbox. If the automatic email is not in either mailboxes, the claim did not get submitted in properly.
You will not need to send back the rod you would like to replace. If you do not have the original bill of sale, don't worry, once contacted you will be asked to provide two photos of the rod. One photo showing a clear image of the model code, which can be located beneath the handle, and another photo clearly showing what happened to the rod. Snap the photos using any digital camera or cell phone and attach the photos on your email and reply back to the specialist that has requested for the photos.
Once the specialist reviews the claim and the photos sent in, they will find a suitable replacement for the rod. Please note that Carrot Stix can only replace what is currently in stock. If your suitable replacement rod is not in stock you may have to either choose a different Carrot Stix model or wait for the next batch of shipments to arrive before completing the claim.
If your rod is available to replace you will be given a payment link to complete the order on the warranty claim and your order will be shipped out.
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