Fishing With Kids

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Fishing with Kids
As a parent some of the happiest moments have been fishing with my kids.  I have a 12 year old daughter and a 9 year old son who love to fish.  One of the most frustrating parts of fishing with kids is the tangles, the lures in the trees, and snags in the bushes. One of the things I have done to teach my kids to cast accurately is tying a swivel on the end of the line and hooking a 3/8 bell weight to the end. I grab a 5 gallon bucket and stick it in the backyard we start out 15-20 feet away and slowly move back.  Once they start to hit the bucket consistently we change up the bell weight to a heavier or lighter size.  
Once they feel confident we move in under a tree and they practice casting with an obstacle nearby.  I have found that not only does this make their casts more accurate but builds their confidence.  Now my kids aren't afraid to toss a line under a dock or a tree hanging over the bank.  
The second lesson I have learned is we tend to find the cheapest rod and reel possible to give to our kids.  The problem with this is the quality of the rod plays a large factor in the accuracy of the casts.  If there is too much play or the eyelets aren't lined up just right it increases the chance of missing the target or creating a rats nest in your line.  I have found that spending the extra time practicing off the water has made fishing more enjoyable not only for my kids but for me.  I no longer spend the day untangling their lines or changing their lures after they hooked up on a tree. Great family memories are made on the water spend the extra time and you will be glad you did.
fishing with kids
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Fishing with children is always a great idea and always reminds me of myself as a child, its how I learned! For some of us seasoned anglers its also a reminder of getting back too the basics, sometimes thats all you need too do! great read!!!!!
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Great story, it's always nice to create family memories. Thank you for sharing your story with us