Fishing with Carrot Stix = Winning money,

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Fishing with Carrot Stix = Winning money,
When it comes to fishing no one will argue you need to have a line in the water to catch fish.. For me a key to tournament success is to maximize that amount of casts i make in a day to key structure points. Yes i could do this with a barbie rod, but i wouldn't be very effective and would miss all kinds of bites do to the lack of sensitivity. I can't explain it, but the results have amazing. Since switching to only carrot stix rods. 5th place 65 boats, 10th place 75 boats. 3rd place 28 boats. The sensitivity has produced more bites for me and the action of the rods, gets them into the boat..
Next time your looking at rods give carrot stix a serious look, wild wild orange and black are amazing rods. these replaced much more expensive rods.
Remember Carrot stix still rods still have lifetime warranty's.