Fishing Rods for Crank Bait Fishing

By Flux
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Fishing Rods for Crankbait Fishing


What specific Carrot Stix fishing rod would be ideal for crankbait fishing?


By Carrot Stix
Hi Flux,
Thanks for your question regarding crankbait fishing!
When it comes to crankbait fishing, having a medium power Carrot Stix casting rod with a slow action tip is ideal.
Specific Carrot Stix models you should look out for would the following:
C2WX701M-M-C [Wild Wild Orange 7'0" medium-moderate casting]
C2WG701M-M-C [Wild Wild Green 7'0" medium-moderate casting]
C2WG761M-M-C [Wild Wild Green 7'6" medium-moderate casting]
CTI691M-M-C [Pro Tournament Series 6'9" medium-moderate casting]
CTI721M-M-C [Pro Tournament Series 6'9" medium-moderate casting] 
Level 7 (XP: 2900)