Fishing Jigs and skirts

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Fishing Jigs and skirts
Fishing Jigs and Skirts
I get a lot of people asking my why I make my own jigs and skirts vs. buying them. Let me tell you why, it all comes down to catching the 5lb. Largemouth with the jig that you made. It has a lot of pride knowing that you made that.  I received all the stuff to make my own jigs and skirts from my wife, it came with molds, melting pot, hooks. All the way to paint and weed guards. I was real hesitant in doing it at first, didn't know if it would be efficient price wise.
It actually cost less to make your own and you can put your own spin on things by add different colors in the skirt and being able to mold a jig and then modify it the way you think it should be. That worst case is you remelt the jig and start over, or redo your skirt. I learned that you can't mess up and it is an awesome thing you can do with your kids, if you have any. That is why I go the distance and make my own jigs, and I totally recommend anyone out there do the same.
fishing jigs and skirts
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great info
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nice article
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Yes it is fun making your own jigs, plus you can custom color your jigs for different lakes, rivers and conditions.
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Awesome post! Thank you for sharing!