Carrot Stix Wild Wild Orange and Wild Wild Black product review

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Carrot Stix Wild Wild Orange and Wild Wild Black product review
Hey folks!
With myself being recently selected to be a member of Team Orange, I've been really getting a feel of my new rods.I received three new rods from Carrot Stix upon signing as a prostaff member, and below I've listed information about those rods, and the things I like about them. 
Have a look at what I thought about them, and have a look at them in the Carrot Stix product catalog right here:
Wild Wild Orange, Medium-Mod Fast 7ft, two-piece spinning rod the new MWG (micro-wave guide) tech. (model #: C2WX-MWG-702M-MF-S)
My thoughts: 
Immediately upon receiving this rod, I was highly intrigued by the MWG tech. I'd never seen this kind of technology on a rod before, so I was very curious as to how it would work/feel on the water. I was immediately impressed by how it improved casting ability- I was able to pitch much further, with much less effort. Lately I've really been using this rod for deep water tube-jigging, and I really like how the MWG tech really helps with line management; even having your bail open on slack line, your line will stay tight through all the other guides, keeping your line from tangling while also allowing you to detect bites on the drop. Also, with myself being an angler who tends to stick with one-piece rods; I was extremely impressed with the overall action/sensitivity of this rod, despite it being a two-piece. Switching between my two-piece and one-piece Wild Wild Orange rods, I honestly couldn't tell the difference to which one was a one or a two-piece; Carrot Stix did a fantastic job really perfecting the feel of a two-piece rod. 
Wild Wild Orange, Medium/Heavy - Fast 6'7", one-piece spinning rod. (model #:C2WX671MH-F-S)
My thoughts:
This rod is my primary crankbaiting tool. With myself recently becoming primarily a kayak angler, the 6'7" length is ideal for me to keep my rod tip pointed downward while I'm crankbaiting and sitting in the kayak. Everything about this rod is STRONG. The guides on it are rugged and durable, and the backbone on this rod is very impressive - I like to horse fish, and this rod definitely allows me to do that! This rod is very light for the strength it boasts, and is accompanied by good sensitivity. With this rod being on the lower end of the spectrum in the Carrot Stix product catalog (they start as low as $149.99), I was very impressed with the overall performance of this rod. I can see anglers getting many years of reliable and satisfying performance out of this rod - this rod is a fantastic investment that won't hurt the bank account. 
Wild Wild Black, Heavy-Fast 7ft, one-piece casting rod. (model #: C2WZ701H-F-C)
My thoughts:
I found this rod extremely impressive. This rod is primarily used for my punching, and carolina rigging, and it is honestly one of the best rods I've ever handled. The first thing that really caught my eye when using this rod, was the tiny micro-guides on it - these things cast like a bullet when I'm C-rigging, and also allow me to keep my line really tight when I'm punching through heavy cover. They are also extremely tough and durable. The strength to sensitivity ratio for this rod is also truly impressive. This thing has a backbone on it that could horse a cinder block through heavy cover, while still attaining an amazing sensitivity that allows you to detect even the slightest bite from a baby bass in cover. The Wild Wild Black series rods also have a fantastic cork grip on them that is comfortable sitting in your hands for hours on the water, and also keeps its solid grip even when it gets wet. The Wild Wild Black series really boasts the strength to weight/sensitivity ratio with their Carbon Nano-fiber technology. Like I mentioned before, I was very impressed by this rod and I would recommend this rod to any professional or intermediate level angler. 
Overall in summary, I've been extremely happy and impressed with the performance of my new rods, and I am happy to be a member of Team Orange. I would recommend Carrot Stix products to any angler looking to make a good investment and add some rods that will provide them with years of reliable and satisfying performance.