Carrot Stix Wild Wild Black Heavy Rod C2WZ761H-F-C

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Carrot Stix Gen X Review

This is more than a bass fishing rod for flipping heavy cover, this is my go to Muskie rod.


When you’re fishing on one of the best trophy Muskie lakes in the Mid West you do not want to leave anything to chance.


My Muskie set up is Carrot Stix Wild Wild Black Heavy rod C2WZ761H-F-C.


If you combine performance and price this rod is the best bang for your buck. Add a wide spool reel with 85lb braid and you’re ready to go.


I’ve fished with a lot of Muskie rods and become accustomed to the lack of sensitivity inherent is most rods. I was pleasantly surprised with how much more responsive this rod was. Yet this rod still has plenty of power to cast the largest musky baits and is stiff enough to drive the bait hooks through the teeth into the mouth securing a good hook set without ripping the bait out of the fish’s mouth.


With this rod being 7 foot 6 inch you can cast further and easily do your figure 8’s by the boat. Plus the rod length saves on your back and shoulders.

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6 years ago
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