Carrot Stix Well Rounded Arsenal

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Hello fellow fisherman and women,
      My name is Grant Koontz. I live in Central California where I fish three team tournament trails as well as many open team events. I am on the water every weekend, and have used many different products out on the water. Finding Carrot Stix was the best move I have ever made, and I would like to explain why.
I know you have read many reviews about these rods already. What is the one thing everyone keeps focusing on? The sensitivity. There is a reason for that. These rods, hands down are the most sensitive rods you will ever use. If you do not believe me, see for yourself, and read all of the other reviews. It does not matter which series you use, the Black, Orange, Green or Pro, they will all blow you away. The first time I ever used a Carrot Stix rod was on the California Delta where the bottom is mostly mud and muck. There are obviously the dead tulies, dead trees, and other items down there as well. I was using a 1/2oz flipping jig, I was setting the hook left and right because I was feeling every little item on the bottom, like I never have experienced before! Then, when I finally got bit...BAM! I felt a bite like never before. Yes, they are extremely sensitive and you will feel everything on the bottom when properly set up, however, I promise you will never mistake a bite again. The other reason having such a sensitive rod is so important is when cranking or using any other kind of action bait. With these rods, you will be able to feel when you bait has any kind of grass or other obstruction on it. This will save you a lot of time not making useless casts.
         My title is about how Carrot Stix as a company has a well rounded Arsenal. When you see the front deck of my boat in a tournament, it looks like a rainbow of rods. Orange, Black, Green, Bright Orange, Dull Orange and so on. One of the most common question I get out on the water is what series rod to use for what technique. The honest answer is any of the different series of Carrot Stix rods can do just about anything. Just get the right Action for the right task.  However I will briefly break down what series I use for what. This is my opinion from my experience with these awesome rods. 
The Wild Wild Black series.
I have seen with these rods, they offer a Black series in just about every power and action around. The black series to me is a great entry level rod for one who would like to just have a handful of rods to cover everything. A Medium Heavy action Wild Wild Black can handle almost everything and would be a great rod to start with. They have a perfect mix of backbone and tip. 
The Wild Wild Orange series.
  I use the Orange series rods to do my heavy lifting with. These rods are offered in many heavy power options and they work great for throwing bigger, heavier baits. I use a 7'6 Heavy action Orange for Punching/Flipping heavy cover with heavy 1.5oz weights. The rod has an insane amount of backbone to get big fish out of thick cover. However the most important part is they designed this heavy action rod with enough tip still, to not feel like you are fishing with a 2x4. There is still enough tip to get a hookset without ripping the bait out of their mouth or breaking off. But the backbone kicks in fast to keep that fish pegged and get it out of the thick stuff. This also goes for my other Heavy power Orange series rods I use for large swimbaits, big deep diving crankbaits, heavy jigs, ect. Bottom line the Orange series will give you tons of backbone while maintaining enough tip to not sacrifice the sensitivity and fish-ability of the rod.
 The Wild Wild Green series.
  These rods are amazing for the lighter baits in your box. My green series rods are excellent for lighter flipping, and most of all my moving baits. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, topwater, lighter jigs, and many many more will work great with a Green Series rod. These rods have much more tip. The backbone is there, yet kicks in a little later in the hookset. This extra bend in the rod will help greatly with keeping your fish hooked up while coming to the boat. If they make a run at you, the extra bend in the rod gives you time to catch up without creating slack in your line and losing a good one.
The Wild Pro and Tournament Series.
  These two high end, top of the line series of rods can do everything I previously discussed. These rods go back to the old saying "you get what you pay for". I have a Wild Wild Pro spinning rod I use for fineness fishing. You will not find rods that are so lightweight and so sensitive anywhere. Carrot Stix offers these rods in any power and action you will ever need. If you are seeking the ultimate fishing experience, the Pro and Tournament series rods are what you need.
This is just a brief rundown of my opinion for the question i get about what to use for what. I hope you found this information useful. Good luck on the water, and be safe!