Carrot Stix Rods my Wild Wild Black MH review

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Carrot Stix Rods my Wild Wild Black MH review

After using this Rod for quite some time now, I can tell you this is my go to worm&jig Rod. I have used the rod for everything from texas rigged baits, Carolina rigged baits, to heavy foot ball jigs. 
Carrot Stix did a number on this Rod starting with the grips. The Rod sits really well in your hand, and being 7'3" you need that perfect balance to be sure you're comfortable while fishing. 
Also this Rod has a great sensitive tip, but has plenty of back bone to horse fish out of those sticky situations. 
This Rod can cover you in a wide variety of fishing styles. From flipping and pitching, to dragging those carolina rigged baits, you won't find a more sensitive Rod, with the power and durability of this Carrot Stix Wild Wild Black Rod. 
Get you one and give it a try, you won't be disappointed