Carrot Stix Presents "Fishing For The Reel Deal" Contest!

By Carrot Stix
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Carrot Stix Presents Fishing For The Reel Deal Contest!
Carrot Stix is proud to announce their very first website contest giveaway!

The Fishing For The Reel Deal contest will be running from Nov. 8th thru Dec. 6th. Carrot Stix will give one lucky winner the chance to reel in a grand prize for posting their favorite Carrot Stix experiences with us. Submissions can include photos and videos of their catch, creative stories, reviews of Carrot Stix equipment or anything they feel the need to share!


Grand Prize:

One lucky winner can choose the grand prize of their choice—a Pro Series Tournament Spinning Rod (left) or a Pro Series Tournament Casting Rod (right). Both these amazing rods are equipped with the state-of-the-art MicroWave Guide System, and are great for both salt water and fresh water fishing.


As an added bonus, the winner will also be awarded a Carrot Stix cap! 



How It Works:


1. Sign up with Rwardz or login with Facebook and submit posts of your Carrot Stix experience. You will be considered a contest participant as your first submission post is approved and published.

2. Contest participants can submit photos and videos of their catch, creative stories, review of your Carrot Stix equipment, or anything else they feel will help share the Carrot Stix experience with us.


The contest will launch on Sunday November 8th 2015, and will run through Sunday December 6th 2015. Each post, once approved by Carrot Stix, will earn the contest participant one ticket, which is automatically entered into a draw. Carrot Stix will draw a single name, and the lucky contender will be named as winner of The Reel Deal Contest. Contenders can earn unlimited tickets by posting content. Any posts submitted after the deadline will not be considered (Sunday December 6 2015 @23:59 EST). 


Good luck and have fun fishing with Carrot Stix!

Eligibility and Limitations. 
Due to shipping restrictions, Carrot Stix' contest is open for residents of the United States and Canada. Carrot Stix staff and Carrot Stix Go Pro members are not eligible for the grand prize. 

Use of Information. By sharing your story, Carrot Stix reserves the right to share your story and photos without royalty or license. You agree that your disclosure is gratuitous and without restriction and further that you are the owner and producer of the story and material.

Release. When posting, each participant and winner waives any and all claims of liability against Carrot Stix for any personal injury or loss from the conduct, participation in, or from the prize of this contest.

Conduct. Participants found to share fraudulent (non-original) content taken from an uninformed party will be disqualified.

Level 7 (XP: 2900)
can't believe i missed this contest t.t
Carrot Stix
2 years ago
Congratulations to John Jenkins for winning the "Fishing For the Reel Deal", he won a Carrot Stix rod and Hat.
Level 1 (XP: 0)
2 years ago
Carrot Stix are THE BEST rods on the market! I won't use anything else!