Carrot Stix on Soft Plastics and Salt Water

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Carrot Stix on Soft Plastics and Salt Water
     I spend a lot of time fishing low light hours for sea run striped bass, with my preferred method being light tackle and soft plastics.  The Wild Orange 7' Medium Heavy with Medium Fast action has been a stellar choice for this particular type of fishing.  The Rod has the versatility that allows me to fish soft plastics as well as a salt water grade swim bait/jerk bait.  The rod itself is very light and strong, and while many salt water anglers prefer a 9' or 10' rod the Wild Orange 7' is more than sufficient.  This particular setup is also exceptional for the angler who enjoys covering some ground while fishing, or has to walk a distance to a particular "spot".
     In my most recent outing I ventured at sunset to a typically high surf location, but due to a backwind the surf had laid down making it ideal for fishing a 9'' soft plastic stick bait rigged simply with a size 7 worm hook.  The retrieve was slow on or just below the surface with an occasional twitch.  The result was almost immediate as schoolie striped bass took the offering over and over.  The rod did a great job and was very fun in pulling in these 5 to 8 pound bass, and had back bone enough to haul the fish past the shore break if needed.  As the fishing began to die down, and change in the retrieve seemed to be the answer.  Letting the bait sink for a slow 3 or 4 count before retrieving reinvigorated the bite, and also yielded a nice surprise. 
    It seemed that lager stripers were under the top layer of schoolie sized fish, and this new retrieve yielded a 10+ pound fish.  Again, the wild orange stood up to the fish and expressed great flexibility AND strength in beaching the fish.  As the fish continued trending in the heavier and heavier direction it is important to note that larger striped bass engulf the lure and often don't strike it very aggressively (especially when the retrieve is ultra slow).  In combination with a 9'' stick bait rigged in a weedless fashion it can become very difficult to feel the fish strike and thus SET the hook effectively.  This is where the most important feature of the Wild Orange came into play for me on this day (and in general).  Because the rod is so ultra sensitive and able to pick up each little tap and touch of the fish, I missed very few hook sets and had an absolutely killer night!  The evening ended with a 16 pound striped bass caught and release, and another 20 or so fish between 5 and 12 pounds.  It was a banner night, and an awesome way to put the Wild Orange to the test.  I do believe that this rod helped make what would have been a good night, and absolutely great night that won't be forgotten any time soon!
Tight Lines Everyone,
-Raf Osona