Carrot Stix - Need I say more?

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Carrot Stix - Need I say more?
Carrot Stix Review
Carrot Stix - Need I Say More 
After several years of using Carrot Stix products I've come to the conclusion that there is no lighter fishing rod on the market! The 2 piece reel seat allows you to be in contact with the rod blank at all times allowing maximum sensitivity and comfort. 
Also the new MicroWave Guide System is the smoothest casting line guides on the market by far! It eliminates line slap and allows for greater casting distance. 
This past weekend while competing in 2 separate bass tournaments the Wild Wild Black 6'7" Medium-Fast and the Wild Wild Black 6'9" MH-Fast with the Microwave Guide system allowed me to finish top 3 in both competitions! If you haven't had a chance to get your hands on any of the Carrot Stix product line up, I highly recommend it! 
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