Carrot Stix Gen X Review

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Carrot Stix Gen X Review


The Gen X does not disappoint. Set up my Carrot Stix CGXE691ML-F-S Gen X spinning rod with matching CSX3000-S2  dual speed Carrot Stix reel spooled with 8lb braid, 8lb fluorocarbon leader and casting a 3/8oz chatter bait with a Havoc trailer. The Gen X is a bit lighter than my other rods and the sensitivity is phenomenal.  I could feel the chatter bait hitting and then clearing the weed tops. Once I cleared the weeds I let the chatter bait fall and the bass were picking it off on the fall.


Once the chatter bait bite died, I tied on a medium diving crank bait and you could easily feel the lip bumping rocks, logs and other submerged objects. Once I felt that log this allowed me to slow up my retrieve, let that bait float up and reel over and down the other side of the log. On the other side of the logs is where the fish were biting, I pulled few nice ones from that log.


When casting the line flows through the titanium guides seamlessly, you couldn’t tell when the knot went through the top guide except for the change of the sound from fluorocarbon to braid. This is the ultimate fishing rod, a serious rod for serious anglers.

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