Carrot Stix French River, Ont.

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Carrot Stix French River, Ont.
Hey Everyone,
  My Name is Justin Clarke, field pro for Carrot Stix!
I know this and like most of my blogs comes a bit late, life happens, If Im not fishing Im usually working haha! like most of us. Anyways I got a chance too hit up Totem Point Lodge on the French river in Mid July. This trip was a real test for the rods and also for myself! we fished for approximately 4 days (12 hours per day) and came up with minimal success too say the least! but with successes I had was all with the carrot stix WWB 7' rod.
  The greatest part I loved about the rod immediately was its smooth and quiet casting, the distance you are able too gain with the rod is unbelievable and with minimal weight too help move the lure further! This made placing my initial distance away from the boat while I was trolling. Because I use a 7' medium Lite rod with fast action I tend too watch the tip of the rod especially while trolling for walleye. The airwave micro guides have proven too myself and many others that have used the rod too be a great success! this adds too that fast action of the rod and as we all know 'eyes tend too be very soft biters, not hitting the bait as hard as a pike. This tip and the micro guides tend too amplify making it easier too tell if its the blades off your worm harness or if it is in fact that pesky fish you've been waiting for all day! 
The durability of the rod has also proven its self as well compared too other rods that have been used in the past the flexibility of these rods are really second too none. I tend too be extremely hard on my equipment cause of Hiking into places, the canoe and or kayak fishing as most know tend too be rough just in general on whatever you own especially when you're going into these places. These rods don't mind taking a beating here or there, or most days, NOW this is not saying go out of your way and try and break one but with over all use and storage of the rods and hooks-ups as well as a couple bumps and drops here and there the reel tended too take more of a beating and actually blew apart before my rod which in my past it has definitely been the other way around. 
  These rods  are great for trolling, jigging and casting , the sensitively and the smooth casting ability of the rod and of course your self as an angler will definitely enhance your experience as you fish more with this rod this will become your go too, as it has become mine! 
Please if any questions always feel free too ask!
-J. Clarke