Carrot Stix Fishing Rods - Monster Pickerel Pulls Kayak For a Bit!

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As a kayak angler, there is nothing better than hooking up a big fish and having it pull you around a bit.  It is early August and it is extremely hot outside. Most fish were not biting and retreated to deep parts of the lake.  I have found a ledge/point w/ some random structures around with a good amount of fish.  Using my favorite dropshot technique.  Landing it was not possible w/o my brother's help with the net. 
Rod: Wild Wild Orange Carrot Stix, 7 ft Medium action,
Reel: Okuma Trio-30S reel 
Lines:6lb Sufix 832 braid and 8lb Sufix FL leader
Hook: VMC #2 golden Aberdeen Hook
Lure: Zoom Tiny Fluke
Other: Spike IT - Lure Dye Chartreuse & Garlic Scent
Note that my battery ran out as I released the fish but he was floating upside down but still flapping. The fish was extremely exhausted after the catch and a few photos due to the heat. We had to jump out of the kayak and revive the fish.  It is very important that all anglers who practice catch and release understand that an extended fight w/ a fish and taking a fish out of the water for a long period of time can lead the fish to it's doom if not properly assisted for recovery. If I were to just dump him into the water and let him be, he would have not made it.  We carefully held the fish and opened his mouth and moved the fish back and forth for a good 10 minutes.  eventually his tail started to whip and he started swimming away. He floated for another 5 minutes having difficulty diving.  We believe that his stress caused him not to utilize his swim bladder correctly.  But shortly after the 5 minutes, he was able to diffuse the air out of his bladder and he dived and we have not seen him again.  May we cross paths again!