Carrot Stix Fishing Rods is a NJ State Team Qualifier

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So this week was the first week I was able to put the new rods I received from Carrot Stix to the test. I received the C2WZ-MWG-701MH-F-C, C2WZ-731MH-F-C,  and the C2WX-761H-F-C.  I can honestly say that the flipping stick I received (C2WX-761H-F-C) is amazing. It is a very versatile rod I used it for flipping the grass and frogging was very impressed with the backbone on this rod. On 40Lb braid I was able to rip a 15LB drum out of the tall weeds like it was a six pound smallie.  great rod very impressed will be ordering another.  The wild wild black MWG 7 foot ( C2WZ-MWG-701MH-F-C) was perfect for throwing that 1/2 ounce spinner bait all week lost a couple to the musky up there on Champlain but if you have fished there you will know its hard to keep them from destroying those things.  I was very surprised at how you can feel everything with the sensitivity of this rod and still nice and strong for pulling those 5 pounders in.  The microwave guides on this rod make it so much easier to cast accurately and care free.  I used the 7 foot 3 inch wild wild black (C2WX-761H-F-C) to throw a 3/8 white swim jig in the grass and absolutely slaughtered smallies on the mouth of the creek underneath Fort Ticonderoga, If every day was like the last of the tournament I would have finished with over 50LBS but everything happens for a reason. Im not the one to pick favorites but this is my favorite rod currently.  I am going to have to get in touch with Mark over there at Carrot Stix to order some more rods as I am going to be replacing all of my current rods with Carrot Stix. I wasn't 100% confident in saying that before but I am beyond confident in Carrot Stix now.