Carrot Stix Fishing Rods have Unbelievable sensitivity

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Unbelievable Sensitivity

I have had my Carrot Stix rod now for a few months and have had a chance to fish multiple species.  My first trip out I took out my inflatable pontoon I threw on a crankbait and headed across the lake.  I decided to throw the crankbait out the back and troll on my way across the lake.  I was trolling at 1.6 MPH when my pontoon spun around with force.  I was using my Wild Wild Black rod with micro wave guides.  My line was screaming as I played a 4 lb Rainbow trout to the boat.  For those that troll you will understand the stress catching a fish on a spinning rod.   I was sold!!  The rod has a great back bone but plenty of play to make catching and fighting the fish a blast.   
Later that night I decided to head to a different area of the lake and fish for walleye off the bottom.  I couldn't believe the sensitivity of the rod I could feel the difference between a rock, log or weed bed on the bottom of the lake as I reeled in a bottom bouncer rig.  
My third trip out was to finally test out the rods on some largemouth my first set up was a drop shot, once again the sensitivity and feel of the rod was amazing.  I could easily tell what structure was below the water.  After awhile I put on a deep running crankbait this is when I really fell in love with the rods.  Normally I tire out pretty quick after fishing a crankbait these rods are so light I noticed that hand fatigue was not happening.
Overall I absolutely love the feel and sensitivity of these rods they are extremely light weight but very strong.  The accuracy you get from the microwaves line control system is worth the extra money.  I couldn't be happier with my Carrot Stix.