Carrot Stix Fishing Rods have Endless Applications!!

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After receiving my new rods I noticed how lightweight they all were and how comfortable they felt in my hands. I took them out the very next morning to do some fresh water fishing and was very impressed on how these rods performed. I'm extremely proud and excited to be apart of Team Orange and I can honestly say that these rods are the nicest I have ever owned. Here are the three rods I have tried out so far. 
CarrotStix Wild Alpha
CWA601M-M-S, 6'0'', 1.8m
This spinning rod is truly amazing! The sensitivity that this rod offers is also unbelievable. I can feel structure at the bottom and the tiniest bite when things are rough on the water. I have thrown crankbaits, swimbaits, dropshots, and spinnerbaits all with great outcomes.
CarrotStix Wild Wild Orange
C2WX701H-F-C, 7'0'', 2.13m
This casting rod worked great for when I am throwing crankbaits, chatterbaits, and different size swimbaits! There is enough backbone in this rod as well for when it comes down to pitching into heavy cover.
CarrotStix Wild Wild Black
C2WZ671M-MF-C, 6'7'', 2.0m
This casting rod worked wonders for me as well! The micro guides allow for farther casting distances and more accuracy. This rod definitely comes in handy when fishing from the shore. The farther I could throw that bait the longer I could stay in the strike zone.
As you can see these rods truly offer endless applications and I don't think you can go wrong with picking up one for yourself!