Carrot Stix Fishing Rods Chomped The Competition!

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Being a multi-specie angler option is always key!  With Carrot Stix the rod options are endless!  I've spent every free second I've had in the last couple weeks on the water putting these Carbon Nano Fibre Rods to the test and am I ever impressed!  
Owning med/heavy rods made me question how sensible can something so "heavy duty" looking be?  It was no question I was able to feel even the smallest nibble while jigging and that makes for great fishing!  
Flexibility and strength are always #1 when I look into buying.  Seeing a 2 piece rod basically bend in half (maybe, maybe not because of a snag situation haha) lets you know the professional quality.  
The rods all have strong grips and great long handles making for better control of a catch.    And who hasn't mentioned the flashy colours!  
Overall Carrot Stix has done justice into putting a great new rod line out and so extremely happy to be apart of something that is sure to change the water orange!   Fish on!