Carrot Stix – Fishing for the Reel Deal Contest Press Release

By Carrot Stix
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Not too long ago, we at Carrot Stix held the “Fishing for the Reel Deal” contest on our Rwardz UGC Platform. We received a lot of great entries from everyone here and were excited to see all your great posts. And, today we are proud to announce the winner of the “Fishing for the Reel Deal” contest: John Jenkins! Congratulations John!


John will receive his choice of:

  1. Pro Series Tournament Spinning Rod(left)
  2. Pro Series Tournament Casting Rod (right).



Both these amazing rods are equipped with the state-of-the-art MicroWave Guide System, and are great for both salt water and fresh water fishing. And as an added bonus, John will also be awarded a Carrot Stix cap! 


Thank you to all that participated in the contest! It is because of you that we have such an amazing community on Rwardz. And, look out for future contests, events with Carrot Stix.

Level 7 (XP: 2900)
i missed this one! when is the next contest?!
Level 1 (XP: 0)
2 years ago
Yes we will be doing giveaways throughout the 2016 season.
Level 9 (XP: 3600)
2 years ago
Woah, sounds like a great contest! Are there any other Fishing the Reel Deals coming up for 2016?