Carrot Stix are the Best Rods Ive Used....Gotta try 'em

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Carrot Stix are the Best Rods Ive Used....Gotta try em
     I recently became a prostaff member for Carrot Stix. I will be completely honest, I was a little skeptical about these rods. I had never heard of Carrot Stix until I had seen they were looking for prostaffers. I had done some research on them and as always there are people praising the brand and people who completely hated the brand. I searched and found no one that sold Carrot Stix anywhere close to me but realized they are a young company. With them being a young company I thought maybe there is a chance they have got something going with there rods why not give it a chance and see what happens.
     I received my first Wild Wild Orange rods 2 weeks ago and I put them to the test with my other rods that I use for tournament fishing. I did not set out to hook into some monster walleye, I just wanted to see how they felt using different presentations. I do a lot of jigging, pulling cranks, slow death, spinner rigs, and lindy rigging. First I started with doing some jigging, I went to some areas I knew were sandy and had a lot of rocks. I was instantly blown away when my jig hit bottom and my line tightened up, I could actually hear the sound of the sand in the rod. My other rods I can feel the difference in the bottom but I have never actually been able to hear it.
     Second I started pulling cranks next to some weed beds. Anyone that pulls cranks knows the importance of watching your rods in your rod holders to make sure that you haven't hooked into some weeds and fouled out your lure. I stuck one rod in a rod holder and held the other in my hand and I was once again really impressed. After a few minutes of trolling I noticed I did not have the pronounce thump of the lure as it swims though the water it was slightly more subtle. I reeled in and there was a small piece of grass stuck on my quick clip. Watching my lure in the water just under the surface it didn't seem to have lost any action and I could not even see the piece of grass until I pulled it out of the water ( it was seriously like a grass clipping off your lawn). 
     I didn't not really see any more reasons to keep playing around with these rods to see how sensitive they were because they had blown away my other rods and my expectations. I'm not trying to give a big sales pitch and say everyone needs to go out and buy these rods because they are the best ( like every company says about themselves), but I would suggest that you find a local prostaffer, friend, or even a tackle shop that sells Carrot Stix and just give them a try ( you don't buy a new vehicle without test driving it) and see what your thoughts are.