Carrot Stix are all in all pretty darn good rods...

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I received my rods Friday afternoon just before I took my chiropractor out on a guide trip, I didn't even have time to set up with one of my Wild Wild Rods before he landed this pig...but figured I had to share this pic just to show how big Florida strain bass grow here in Arizona.  He literally caught this on his 5th cast as I was rigging him up with a CS with a vibrating jig.  Over all I think these rods are pretty darn good so far, I only wish I would have gotten one spinning outfit as I requested.  Some of the lakes here are so pressured here that I often resort to finesse fishing to put fish in the boat. Instead I received a ML fast casting rod that I'll try to apply those same techniques that I normally fish with a finesse spinning outfit.  So far I really like the sensitivity and action, I'll post a more in depth review when I have them all rigged up with the optimum baits accordingly.
Thanks for viewing and tight lines folks,  James @ The Reel Deal Desert Bass Fishing Adventures.