Carrot Stix and Monster Walleye!

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Carrot Stix and Monster Walleye!
I was finally able to test out my three new Carrot Stix rods last weekend in Nipawin, Saskatchewan for the annual Premier's Walleye Cup! I've been fortunate enough to win this tournament twice in the past (2007/2008), so the pressure is always on to perform well at the Premier's.  This year, I showed up in Nipawin with my 3 brand new Carrot Stix rods, and I couldn't have been happier with the experience.
The first thing that you notice about all of the Carrot Stix rods is how incredibly lightweight they are. At this tournament, the typical method of choice is live bait rigging, and my new Wild Wild Orange spinning rod was a perfect fit.  The weight, sensitivity, and overall feel of the rods provided a one-of-a-kind fight when you have a 10lb walleye at the other end.  My new Wild Wild Black baitcaster rod also worked great when we pulled bouncers and blades against the strong Nipawin current, for much of the same reasons.  The other thing worth mentioning, is that one of the newest and fastest growing techniques among walleye fishermen is called "shivering", which is often done using Moonshine Shiver Minnows.  You will not find a better rod for this technique than a med-light 6'7" Wild Wild Orange spinning rod.  Shivering requires constant movement and attention to detail, so the lightness and sensitivity of your rod becomes that much more important.  I could not recommend a more suited rod than this given those requirements.
Although I have only fished 4 days thus far with my Carrot Stix rods, I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed and delighted with all 3 of my new rods.  I highly recommend that everyone give these rods a try, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!
Finally, it is worth noting that my first tournament outing with the Carrot Stix proved fruitful, and though we did not take home the trophy this year, we did finish in 17th place (out of 160 teams), which was good enough to make the stage and bring home a little extra spending money!
Dallas Kirkpatrick