Carrot Stix all the way!

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Carrot Stix all the Way!
Now that the water temperatures are heating up in the Texas lakes I have been throwing a heavy Carolina rig and other big baits in deep water looking for that monster bass. 
These rods are handling all of these techniques without any problems at all.  I was able to pull several keepers out of thick brush piles and heavy cover with ease.
Also, I would like to say Carrot Stix makes great rods!  I really don't have a favorite model but I seem to find myself reaching for the 7'C2WXP701XH wild wild pro series model more often than any other. 
This thing is absolutely amazing and it can handle just about anything you want to throw with it......Just wish I had more of them!  Keep up the good work Carrot Stix! 
I am sure I will be adding more to my arsenal.
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7 years ago
Great pictures! Thanks so much for sharing this with the Carrot Stix Community.